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Blessed Assurance (예수로 나의 구주삼고)

I've learned a lot during the Pandemic. I took many courses and learned new skills. I can see the progress on my YouTube channel.

I started to re-record the pieces that I recorded 1 year ago because of the quality of the sound in the old videos. I didn't have the equipment I have now, and I've upgraded the instruments I use.

As I was re-making these videos, I also realized the changes in my music as well.

My music is more mature now than last year, and there is more depth in them.

I didn't feel like I've done much during the entire year and felt terrible about the unknown future. But now I know that I have grown even during those days that I was facing the dead end.

Looking forward to the new days to add more knowledge and skills to my matured heart, and work gratefully to be a blessing to others around me.

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