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Blessed Assurance (예수로 나의 구주 삼고)

This is the third time I recorded this piece.

First of all, this hymn is one of my favorite hymns, and I liked the way it is arranged in this version.

Unfortunately, this is one piece among the music scores I have, but it doesn't say the name of the arranger.

This arranger kept the original hymn tune as is without changing much.

This 3-beat hymn tune stays without any variation, then it changes to 4-beat with a jazzy style, then back to 3-beat original style to wrap up the ending.

However, the change feels so natural and smooth in all ways.

I love the way he/she gave a surprise section without making an abrupt change with a huge change. It is a skill to keep these three sections naturally flowing from one another, and yet add unexpected joy.

It could have been a dull arrangement of the hymn tune, but this Jazzy section makes the world of difference.

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