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God Will Take Care of You, arr. by Keunyoung Song

너 근심 걱정 말아라, (송근영 편곡)

This was the first hymn that I played at a church where I worked as a one-day substitute organist. That was a time when I was freelancing, substituting others without any full-time job. I felt like God is telling me every single word of this hymn holding His hand on my shoulder.

Covid 19 led me to a similar situation although this time is not only me but most other musicians as well.

It has been almost 9 months since I came back from the Phantom of the Opera National Tour, then I didn't have any other work other than making some accompanying tracks. I am getting anxious and worried as it is getting longer. I feel like this would become my new status. I did take some courses, learned new technology that would equip me better, but still doesn't mean that I would start a new job anytime soon.

Then this hymn popped up again in my daily web-surfing.

God is telling me that He will take care of me again.

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