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Hour of Piano Worship

Some people asked me to make a longer video so that they can listen to it for their bible studies, etc. I've been hesitant about making this since I already grouped them as a channel on my YouTube site. Finally, I made one that took several days for me to finalize.

Yesterday was a very hard day for me. I've had some problems caused by someone that may lead to a serious result in my newly started business.

I had called to find a way to solve the problem, asking help from different people and websites.

After I finished the editing of the video, I realize the first piece is "God will take care of you"!

I felt like God is whispering this to my ear...

There's a war going on the other side of the earth, and there are people who left their homes not knowing when they can go back, where to sleep, what to eat... right at this moment. My problem is truly nothing compared to these people's concerns. Mine will pass, and I will learn how to survive from it. I am still growing and learning how to be stronger

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