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I'm Thine, O Lord (주의 음성을 내가 들으니) arr. by David. Paxton

This is supposed to sound like a jazz improvisation. David Paxton composed the introduction, interlude, and the postlude section with the color and flavor of jazz improvisation.

However, because it is all written out with the exact notation, it is hard to make the jazz flavor to the piece. I guess I need to learn more to relax and not to be exact.

This piece has been on my keyboard for a long time for the reason that I couldn't make the jazz feel to be sounding free and beautiful.

After a long period of time, I finally became brave enough to try it last week. It wasn't easy, and I tried so hard not to make the piece sound like a combination of several small pieces since those composed sections were very different from the hymn arrangement section.

It was time that made me feel closer to this piece.

As it is the same for everything in our life, it all takes time, and time will take care of a lot of problems... as people say "this, too, will pass..."

Once again, I am learning to take the time to make more space around me and inside me.

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