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It is well with my soul, arr. by Jihye Cho (내 평생에 가는 길)

I started cleaning up my old stuff. Many things I kept on shelves and closets that I didn't even touch for a while. Some of them for several years...

Some of them find new owners that they can be used again.

Some went to recycle bins.

I thought I would be sad getting rid of them, but I felt relieved.

I was relieved from the guilty feelings that I don't use them.

I still have too much to be sorted and give them new lives.

I would feel much lighter and happier that I don't feel guilty anymore.

Pandemic gave me time to look and sort out the burdens that I carried without knowing that I have them.

It will take a while, and there will be still some that I want to hold on to, but it's OK.

I finally realized that I don't have to hold on to everything.

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