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Jesus Loves Me (예수 사랑 하심은), arr. by Gary Prim

This is a famous hymn tune that I grew up singing all the time.

It is a piece in a book titled "peaceful Praise" which is a collection of hymn arrangements by Gary Prim.

I love the way Gary Prim arranged hymns. His way of changing keys and meters, and his choice of colorful harmonies.

In general, I tried to follow the composer/arranger's direction as much as I can.

However, in this piece, I played the beginning twice slower than he marked on the music.

Plus, tried to put more silence which means breathing between phrases.

I want to take time to stop and breathe instead of keep on going forward without checking.

The current society pushes us to move forward as fast as we can and made us feel as if we are the losers if we stop once in a while.

That is not the truth at all.

In fact, sometimes, we make our own detours because we don't stop to check.

It would be much more efficient if we stop once in a while to check the paths that we came from and where we need to go. Sometimes, the short break we take makes us refreshed and recharged us to go further from then on.

This week starts with a holiday, then school starts the fall semester, and we start to move on to the rest of the year.

I wish you take a good break to refresh and recharge to start this new section of the year.

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