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Just As I Am (내 모습 이대로), arr. by Gary Prim

I like the title "Just As I Am".

We are living in a world that forces us to do better and also try to disguise ourselves to pretend to be in a better shape or condition.

"Just As I Am", this title already explains that I don't have to do any of that.

It's OK if I cannot do better, it's OK if I stumble, it's OK just the way as I am...

It's not easy to forgive myself for the mistakes, but I am slowly learning how to forgive myself and grow from them.

God takes me "Just as I am", I don't have to dress up with full make-ups to show off.

He already knows who I am and how I am.

What a great relief! Thank God for He is watching over me and takes me "Just as I am".

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