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Look to Him (주만 바라 볼찌라), arr. by Keunyoung Song (송근영 편곡)

Fall is coming quickly.

I moved to a condo complex last December. They are doing a great job taking care of the lawn and keeping the street clean.

However, I miss the leaves on the ground. I miss the crunchy sound of stepping on the dry leaves when I walk. I miss looking at the beautiful mixture of colored patches made by the fallen leaves.

After more than a year of pause, I've been busy lately trying to find myself back in the places where I used to be. I have to pause and think about how it used to be and how I used to do the work.

It made me feel like I am standing on the edge feeling unstable and insecure.

Then I looked at the sky, the autumn sky that is nothing else but the true blue.

Inhale and exhale...

Inhale and exhale...

Let's take the time to break from what we do and look at the sky.

Inhale and exhale...

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