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Make Me a Channel of Your Peace (Prayer of St. Francis 평화의 기도), arr. by Jane Holstein

It has been a rough week because of Hurricane Ian.

There are many who suffer from the damage.

I've read a posting about homeless people who couldn't escape to the shelter in time, therefore they were on the street when the storm came.

Another story is about homeless people who were starving. They couldn't eat because the kitchens where they get their food were closed to the storm.

There are many things we don't even think about them because they are not happening to us right at the moment.

There is a war going on, but we don't feel it at all.

I am not even sure if it is right to say thank God that I have a roof over my head and food to eat... but I do.

I pray that the restoration of the damage would be quick and people get the help they need.

I pray that we find ways to connect to those who are in need, and share what we have.

I pray that we could make this world a little bit better place because we live in this world together.

I pray that we make changes for a better, peaceful world in all we do.

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