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More Precious Than Silver, arr. by Phillip Keveren

This piece is arranged in a higher range than usual.

Phillip Keveren used a consistently moving left-hand part to support the melody in a high range. Although the left-hand part also sits in a high range which is the right-hand's range in general.

Then it feels huge support and relief when the left hand actually moves down to the actual base range. The usual left-hand part becomes so special.

I've read a posting that says that the first thing I should be grateful for in the morning is that I woke up.

We forget the importance and the weight of the usual things in our lives.

Another day, air to breathe, inhale and exhale, the food we are eating, times we have, and be able to go to bed at night at the end of the day.

When we change the way we look or think, things change...

I am trying to change my attitude toward everything. I am learning and growing.

Trying to love myself instead of blaming myself for not being better.

It is time to tap my shoulder and say, "You did well, good job!"

They say that the whole world would be different if I love myself.

Let's tell ourselves "I love you", every morning.

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