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Nearer, My God, to Thee, arr. by Hwanho Jung

It is a great relief to know that God is always with us. He is always ahead of us and has greater plans for us to prosper.

However, there are times that we want to ask God, "What is the plan? and When is the time?"

I've asked those questions a few times these past weeks.

I've had several big auditions and did not get what I applied for...

I asked God to tell me what is THE GREATER PLAN that He has planned for me.

I also asked God that WHEN is THE TIME that will happen to me...

I'm certain that there is a reason for me to live another day, and there is something that I must fulfill in my life.

However, sometimes, I need something clearer for me to know what and when.

Hope that this music will comfort some people who have the same troubles in their minds.

Praying for the calmness and peace in our hearts to trust Him more, and would be able to see the greater plan soon.

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