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O How He Loves You And Me, arr. by Phillip Keveren

This arrangement starts with the "Jesus Loves Me" tune in a high range (even the left-hand takes the place higher than the middle C).

Phillip Keveren also wraps up the entire arrangement with the tune of the "Jesus Love Me", and it completes this arrangement in an ABA form.

He didn't use any 16th notes and spaced the notes with very calm movements.

It is much harder to keep the space with silence when I play.

As I have been playing these hymn tunes, I've learned to take more time and breathe.

It is almost the opposite of what I've been trained for my entire life.

Everything has to be on time and perfect. One tiny mistake was not forgiven at all.

Plus, I have been very harsh on myself, not allowing anything that was not perfect.

As a result, I always focus on the mistake I've made (and most of the time, it will be the one and the only thing I remember from the entire performance) instead of enjoying what I have accomplished.

Music is supposed to be "beautiful", but I was never able to see that picture because I was beating myself up for not being perfect.

I couldn't accept or hear what others compliment on my performance because I couldn't believe them if they were telling me the truth.

I am trying to change that.

I am trying to change my attitude toward music and my performance.

I would love to embrace myself including the mistake and grow from there.

I want to create a healing and comforting environment with music and help others not to go through the same path as I did.

I hope that I am providing a safe place for someone to relax and find joy in their life.

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