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Sweet Hour of Prayer (내 기도하는 그시간), arr. by Greg Howlett

Getting ready to go back to "Normal".

I am actually started working on the production of "A Chorus Line" (High Shcool Edition) at The Gateway Playhouse.

There are many questions that are not answered yet.

I guess I will find out as we move on forward.

It feels strange to be in a rehearsal room again. It feels awkward to prepare for rehearsals again. However, we all know that we cannot stay in pandemic status forever. It has been a very hard, discouraging year.

I don't know what the word "normal" truly means...

At least, I am back in the rehearsal room, trying to put a musical together on stage somehow. I hope everyone also sees and feels the light at the end of the tunnel, and be consoled for what they needed for a long time.

I am praying for you, and God bless you!

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