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The First Noel, arr. by Keunyoung Song

I moved into a new home on Christmas Eve last year.

Truly grateful that I am in a new place where I wanted to be. It was a hard, long process to find a new place, then sell the current house and buy a new one. Not to mention the stress of packing and unpacking.

I should say it was a process of discarding the stuff that I had... too much stuff... I didn't even know I had some of them...

I thought I emptied a lot by giving them away, throwing them out, selling some of them, or making donations. However, I realize that I still took too much. There are still many things I feel like I shouldn't have brought with me. I found myself still attached to many things that are unnecessary.

I am practicing asking questions to myself: do I really need it?

And also practice to tell me 'it's ok to let it go'.

It is time for me to make more room...

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