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The Power of Your Love (주께 가오니), arr. by Jane Holstein

I can feel and see the flavor of Autumn anywhere as I walk or drive.

Time flies so fast that it is over half of October already.

Do you have any special plans coming up?

How about the plans you made at the beginning of this year?

Are you getting close to accomplishing your goals?

I am learning to tell myself that it is OK to be behind the schedule, or not be perfect.

Living as a musician forced me to concentrate on mistakes which led me to shrink myself to a smaller me.

Now I am trying to embrace myself as who I am even if when I'm not good enough...

Trying to tap my shoulders encouraging, giving hugs to myself when I need one, and also just loving who I am and as I am.

As I look into myself from a different angle, I can also see others from different point of view.

As I am learning to myself first, I can love others more.

I hope you have an abundant season of Autumn with loving, caring, and sharing.

As we do, we can make a little better world together.

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