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You Are My All In All, (약할 때 강함 되시네), arr. by Mark Hayes

I have been hesitating to record this piece for a long time.

Although this is one of my favorite pieces, it has rhythmic notation which makes it hard to decide the proper tempo.

The main melody has 16th notes with each syllable, but if you decide the tempo according to this melody, the refrain becomes very slow because it moves by half notes.

Plus, Mark Hayes' arrangements are not easy to play for most of his pieces require big hands. I have a very small hand, especially my right hand cannot easily reach the octaves.

Mark Hayes uses thick textured chords that require to play all of the notes to sound right if I omit a note because of the range, it will sound very different from the full chord he wrote.

I've had a very hard week and been very depressed.

Maybe I was praying with the lyrics of this hymn "You are my strength when I am weak, You are my treasure that I seek" as I was playing.

I pray that I would learn to wait for God's timing for God's plan which I don't understand at this moment.

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