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Amazing Grace, arr. by Mark Hayes

I have been in Catskills for the last several days. The campsite had no Internet or Wifi, therefore, I was naturally disconnected from the World. We rented a tiny cabin which was the smallest trailer that was designed to be a cabin. It was well thought out and designed to have what we need the most, very convenient and unique.

We live in a world that forces us to stay connected with cell phones, wifi, etc. We get too much information through our phones, tablets, and computers that forces us to ask more and want to possess more.

For several days, I didn't miss much, I didn't need more than what I could have in a tiny trailer. Maybe it's ok to let go of things, maybe it's ok not to have much, and maybe it's ok to give up more.

This week's piece is an arrangement of "Amazing Grace" by Mark Hayes.

Thinking of His Amazing grace that doesn't ask anything from us.

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