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Be Thou My Vision, arr. by Joel Raney

I started my YouTube Channel during the Pandemic hoping that this would be my connection to the world outside my house.

I was thinking about what I could do to help others.

As a musician, I decided to find hymn tunes that would be able to comfort others and put them on my youtube channel for others to listen to.

I've grown up in a culture that asks to be perfect all the time, and only the top person would be respected and treated well by others.

I've lived my life focusing on things that were not perfect, little mistakes, and also blaming myself for not being the best.

I didn't know how to enjoy and reward for what I could do or did.

There was always something that I was ashamed of myself. I didn't listen to others who loved my performances. I was totally blinded by my own judgment of not being perfect.

The healing I wanted to give others was for myself. I started to like my own playing. My would was covered and healed a little bit at a time by putting these youtube videos every week for over three years.

I became a person who could watch and listen to better things rather than focusing on little mistakes.

Now I also want to teach others how to listen to their real self and start to love and take care of themselves.


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