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Hatikvah, arr. by Marvin Goldstein

This is not very well known as a hymn, but it is the National Anthem of Israel.

I always feel that I am deeply connected to Jewish tunes.

Not sure if it is the reason, but I feel like it's because Korea and Israel have a common history of deep sorrow. There's a deep resentment hidden in the music that always moves me.

The traditional ornaments were hard to play without causing disruption of the melodic line. Also, the use of smaller rhythmic notations makes it harder to change the tempo. The arranger marked "different tempo", but it was hard to make a connection from and to the outer sections. Therefore, I just played a little bit slower feeling without truly changing the tempo.

It feels like it would have been much better if it is played by string instruments for their capability of holding the full length of each note value.

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