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My Faith Looks Up to Thee, arr. by Carol Thornquist

This was a very interesting arrangement. I am glad I found this version by Carol Thronquist.

She changed the meter from 4/4 to 6/8 which gives a whole new color to this piece.

She didn't add too many notes or variations, but putting this piece in 6/8 meter was a very successful change that made it sound like a whole new piece.

It truly shows the importance of a meter. I believe it would be not as different in 3/4 meter.

She added syncopations which made it more interesting to the point where it can start to feel boring without any changes.

The piece changes to a minor, but she moved both hands to the higher range. This prevents the color/sound from getting too dark or too heavy.

This is a brilliant arrangement to try and feel the difference in different meters.

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