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Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us, arr. by John Carter

There's not even one piece of cloud in the sky today.

The sky is pure blue with no stains or other colors.... so clean and beautiful.

I reminded myself to take a moment to breathe. Stop everything, just breathe.

And I heard a message, "God can do more with less, stop worrying, you're going to be OK".

It has been like riding a rollercoaster last several weeks.

I was called to do live auditions (yes, it was several days of live auditions) after the interview round.

Of course, there were pros and cons to this job. I wasn't even sure if I had to take the auditions since it requires an incredible amount of prep work and time.

But I decided to try it.

I did what I could do during the crazy time of teaching at the summer camp and running a show. Yes, it was crazy, I had to stay up several nights to prepare.

I felt good about my presentation, and performance.

They did not like me. Or, there was someone better than me. They chose someone else.

I felt bad and depressed.

I had to fight with myself to get over the idea of "I'm not good enough" again.

"God is prepared something much better for me"...

You know, sometimes, it doesn't help me to go through a period of depression with it.

It keeps bringing up the questions, "when" and "what"?

I do believe that God created me to be someone amazing and awesome.

I know that God did not create me to be a failure or stop at this point in my life.

It's never clear when and what...

I just decided to trust Him with my whole heart, and prepare myself to be that person who's capable to take the position when it finally happens.

One step at a time...

Yes, please lead me like a shepherd, Lord.

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